Things I Will Miss About Toledo: #5

Eric Baumann  —  October 18, 2011 — 3 Comments

Are you a Mac or a PC? Some say (usually PC users) that Mac enthusiasts are a like a cult…if so, I am a proud member. It is true though, most Mac users are loyal, outside of the box thinkers, culturally savvy, dedicated to Apple’s mission (to change the world) and seem to have a deep connection with others that have a Mac product. Call it “cult-ish” if ya want, but there is something inspiring and special about being part of a community of like-minded people. It’s kinda of like being a part of the staff at Northpoint…except for the “cult thing”.

So, the #5 thing I will miss most about Toledo is the WEEKLY STAFF MEETING at Northpoint. Every Tuesday morning the pastoral and ministry staff at Northpoint gather and discuss ministry and pray for its community. BUT, thats not what I will miss…most churches do this ritual (some probably are even better at it that us)…BUT…what I will miss is the connection that we have as a staff. There’s something unique at Northpoint (that in my experience most churches don’t have), it’s the bond that we as staff members have with each other…it’s ALMOST “cult-ish”. We are loyal (we all have macs), we are out of the box thinkers (at least I think so), we are culturally savvy (well kinda)…AND…most importantly…the staff at Northpoint is dedicated to its ultimate mission (and Apple’s)…to change the world! I will miss ya guys:)

How about you, what type of bond (if any) do you experience with the people you work with? Or, what do you like most about the ministry or pastoral staff at your church?

Eric Baumann

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3 responses to Things I Will Miss About Toledo: #5

  1. First off. Nice Theme! (You’ve got good taste like me I see) But I couldn’t agree more about the things mentioned. I can imagine the laughter and team feel, but also the commitment to NP there is at those staff meeting with the end result of God changing lives. Awesome people. AND, yes on those you work with determine how enjoyable the job is. I loved my ministry team when I was in Toledo and love them now too. I can’t wait to welcome you guys here, now to my neck of the woods!

  2. How is it going man?

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