Things I Will Miss About Toledo: #2

Eric Baumann  —  October 21, 2011 — 2 Comments

“They” say that if a new individual or family in the church is not able to develop at least three significant friendships within the first year of their attendance, they WILL leave the church. Why do you think that is? God has deposited in each of us a desire and craving for authentic relationships and community. If this “hunger” is not satisfied both with God and others, we will constantly be “searching for more.” I’m not talking about a casual friendship. When that is the depth of our connection with God and/or with others, we have nothing more than a shallow, “christian” experience.

We were made to “do life” with other followers of Christ and “to pursue Him” together. In the past couple of years, my family and I have had the joy of doing just that with some great friends and families in our weekly Life Group (or small group as some call it) and at Northpoint.

So, the #2 thing I will miss about Toledo is MY LIFE GROUP & FRIENDS. I will miss the conversations we have had in and out of church, the times we have spent in and out of our homes and the laughs we have shared as our kids (and there are lots of them) ran around crazy as only kids can do…and for those friends that don’t have kids…I will miss the laughs we have shared as WE RAN AROUND CRAZY as only kids should do:)

Now it’s your time to share…what does friendship mean to you? Do you have a group of people you do life together with? How has those relationships helped you in your life journey?

Eric Baumann

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2 responses to Things I Will Miss About Toledo: #2

  1. Since moving to Detroit, I’ve soooo missed my Christian friends in Toledo, both at Northpoint and at a separate women’s group I attended. The life group that Dan and I were a part of (and still come back for as much as possible) was a great source of support to us! (we went to the Lawson’s Sunday night group! – they rock!)

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