Time-Out: Clock Management For Parents

Eric Baumann  —  November 18, 2011 — 10 Comments

One of the keys to clock management in any game, is the proper use of time-outs. They can be used to stop the clock in the final seconds to set-up a winning score, or to just pause for a moment to talk to a player or team about the next play or series. Sometimes you’ll see a coach or fan go crazy because a player wastes a time-out. Time-outs are valuable, and you only get so many in the game.

I’ve learned this to be true in being a dad, and trying to “manage the clock” in the game of life with my boys. I find at times, I need to just call a time-out and spend some one-on-one time with one of my kids. I need to just stop whatever I’m doing and just listen to whatever it is they want to talk about. Now sometimes I need to call a time-out because one of them just dropped kick the other…BUT that’s a story for another time.

When it comes to managing our time, especially as parents, few things are more important than spending time with our kids. You may think you have many, many more years with them…BUT that game clock ticks fast and before you know it…the “two-minute warning” is upon you and another season passes. Currently, as a stay at home dad, I know that I have been given a great gift, more time with my kids. The tricky thing about clock management though is; that time alone is not enough. It’s what you do with that time that determines whether you can set yourself up to “score.”

This weekend, take a time-out and do something fun with your kids. Take them to a movie, color with them, play video games, read to them, listen to their stories…or maybe take your kids to a sports game. What does your kid need from you, as their coach, right now in their lives? What life lessons do you need to teach them. Use your time-out to talk to them, guide them, refocus their attention…or use it to…just use it. Either way, it could make a major difference in the game.

So what about you? What is one thing your parents took time to do with you that you loved doing?

Eric Baumann

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10 responses to Time-Out: Clock Management For Parents

  1. Good reminder! I am with my kids so much it is easy to forget this.

    • Yeah I am learning this now too…it’s easy to forget to be intentional in-between the hustle and bustle of the day with your family. In ministry I always tried to be more intentional, but I would forget when I was home with my wife and kids…God is showing me that there is and should be no difference.

  2. Sounds weird but my dad watched movies with me. Now every time I see the sound of music or the King and I (yea, he ‘cultured’ me. ha ha), I think of our time together.

    Great post man.

    • Thanks bro…the sound of music is my wife’s favorite and we went to see the king and i on a date in college…yeah, my dad would sit and watch sci-fi and fantasy stuff with us…you know…star wars and star trek and the twi-light zone…I guess thats where I got the “geeky” side of me…lol…at least thats what my wife tells me:)

  3. My dad used to make me a “four pickle” bologna sandwich after church on Sundays. He cut it a certain way so there was a pickle on every quarter. I used to be so excited on the way home from church because I knew we’d have time together in the kitchen. It was our “thing.” Makes me realize…it’s the simple everyday stuff that my boys will remember the most…I just read your post, but funny enought Henry and I cooked dinner together tonight and had a blast!! Miss you all…….

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